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Associate Program Overview

Once when we started our voyage we didn’t have any so called identity as an organization but there was an ambition to provide unique services to our clients with honest work ethics. Gradually, when grew bigger and bigger we began to shape our different forms of association in different phase. Currently, we are an established Financial Institution associating with AGENTS, INTRODUCER and PARTNER.

Application Process to become our Partner

To begin the procedure turning into an Associate we need your CV and some data of what you are doing today. Great references are constantly welcome. In light of your training, knowledge and foundation we will survey how you best fit in and offer you a position inside the three classifications set up. In the event that you are cheerful to proceed with the procedure in light of our offer we will issue two arrangements of NDA's between us, the INTRAGEN IMFPA and the INTRAGEN NCNDA. With the NDA's set up you will get all applicable data from us and when you acquire the principal customer we will issue and consent to the Associate Arrangement between us.

Our Partner

To end up noticeably a Partner you should have training and strong and sufficient experience from the monetary business. The Partner conveys potential customers and can begin and finish a venture with minor help from HQ.

Our Agents

Our Agent conveys potential customers with little request from our side as to development and finishing the arrangements. The Agent ensures that his/her customer has perused the data accommodated every item being referred to and ensures the customer conveys a marked duplicate of the CIS together with an organization introduction or official rundown.

Our Introducer

The Introducer has experience from the industry, delivers potential clients, follows up and arrange meetings and keep in touch with the client.