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Investment Overview

We could provide assistance in raising funds for viable projects and Companies who have good track record. Some of our services are - Debt, ELC, Equity, Private Equity, Instrument Loan, Venture Capital, International Trade Financing, Private Placements, Cross border M&A, PIPE, Promoter Funding, Strategic Investments, Hedge Finance, JV and IPO.

Type of Investments

Investment against Hard Assets

Investment through Financial Instruments

Investment through IPO

Investment through Cash fund Trading

Investment through Private Equity

Hybrid Investment

Criteria for Investment

Every financial firm has their own criteria for the services. In the same way we do have our own criteria for the Bank Instrument Finance deals. Following are Investment criteria should be followed by the clients:-

  • Your Company should have prospective and profitable business plan.
  • Your company should be a registered company and must have a good track record.
  • You should have knowledgeable management team.
  • Your country's FDI rules should be allow us to invest.
  • Your country's Political conditions also matters bit and should be stable.
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Investment Sizes/Ranges

For Debt Investment: $10M to $100M.

Investment through Financial Instruments: $1M to $500M.

Investment through IPO: $10M to $500M.

Investment through Cash fund Trading: $350K to $500M.

Investment through Private Equity: $1M to $50M

Hybrid Investment: $5M to $100M

Fee Structure

We don't charge any kind of upfront or Hidden Fee. Where the Investment is done you need to pay us a success fee of 2%. All fees are capitalized into the investment.

Who Can Apply for Investment?

You should pass atleast any 4 below listed criterias.

1. Do you have a Business / Project Idea along with complete Business Plan?

2. Do you have Registered your business, also got all the required licenses?

3. Do you have any kind of Collaterals to pledge?

4. Are you a Publicly Listed Company?

5. Do you have atleast 0.5-5% Cash Funds of the total Investment requirements?

6. Is Promoter have atleast 5 Years Experience in the domain?

7. Is your Business already operational and earning profits?

8. Non of the Above? (Dont waste your time by Applying.)

Deal Closing Span

For Investment against Hard Asset: Minimum 60 Banking Days

For Investment Through Financial Instrument: Minimum 20 Banking Days

For Investment Through Cash Trading: Minimum 4 to 40 Weeks.

Investment Through IPO: Minimum 30 Banking Days

Investment through Private Equity: Minimum 90 Banking Days

Hybrid Investment: Minimum 90 Banking Days